Here are the Winners of NYC BigApps 3.0

Congratulations to the winners of the NYC BigApps 3.0 competition! We’ve already written about them before but to recap, this app making contest was sponsored by New York City to find the best startups that use city data in the most unique ways. Out of the 96 entries, eleven startups were bagged the top awards.

The Grand Prize for Best Overall Application and $10,000 was awarded to NYCFacets. This app simplifies how city data is accessed online.

Eleven other awards were given away. Work + won as Second Best Overall App and Best NYC Mashup. This app helps people get out of the house and find suitable places to accomplish work in the city.

The other winners include Embark NYC, that helps commuters navigate through subways, and Scene Near Me, that alerts people whenever they’re in a place used in a movie scene.

“We’ve gotten great feedback from the app,” said Dan Blumberg, one of Scene Near Me’s creators. “There are so many cool things that have happened in New York that tourists and even people from New York may not realize took place.”

Although not the big winner, Embark NYC currently has 150,000 users, and Embark CEO David Hodge gushed that “it’s exciting to be working on something that so many people use everyday.”

NYC BigApps is already in its third year. “The ideas on display in this competition are yet more proof that the city’s technology sector is becoming one of the most dynamic on the planet,” said Seth Pinsky, president of the NYC Economic Development Corp.

via AM NY