Here Are Six Startups Expected To Make Waves This 2011

New York is the undisputed champion when it comes to social media startups and the title will stick around for sometime.

NY Tech Meetup executive director Nate Westheimer best captured the current state of affairs when he said:

“In basically every other way, New York City is probably a better environment to do a tech-enabled business. There are not as many generations of entrepreneurs here, maybe from a mentorship perspective. But there is a very important part of the ecosystem in place here.”

So here are six other young companies aside from Foursquare who, according to Westheimer’s own corresponding blurbs, are set to make waves this year.

Kickstarter – “They follow the trend of helping people for causes, but you only have to pay the money if people commit to it. This year they will really break out.”
Meetup – “They had their first profitable quarter, and continue to grow. It’s the major social network that doesn’t get talked about.”

Yipit – “They are making it a lot simpler by aggregating deals and sending you the ones you actually want.”

Knowabout and Introspectr -Both are leading the way when it comes to aggregating user profiles across various social media platforms, says Westheimer.

TechStars -“The teams they will produce will be really beneficial for New York City in 2011.”

Via: Fox Business