Hashable Is Getting Hotter And Hotter

To think it hasn’t even hatched from its by-invitation beta cocoon yet. The VC-funded startup has already sucked in a veritable who’s who of the NY startup scene. Not surprising, since Hashable is a tailor made hub for introductions, where users “post meaningful connections with people and see who else in your community is connecting.”

After an initial publicity boost from TechCrunch at the beginning of the week, Hashable seems on its way to become a hot new startup. Hashable basically works by allowing users to earn Hashcred—call it social capital—through tags in their emails and tweets that are used to invite more users. Simply put, the more people you know or are in touch with, the more Haschcred you earn. Even better, you can keep tab of who’s meeting who among your own circle of connections.

It’s a process that has produced quite startling results, with a 21 year-old intern currently reigning atop the Hashcred hill, a.k.a. the leaderboard. While this has caused a mite of head-scratching, it’s totally normal, explains Hashable CEO Michael Yavondite: “We’re trying to measure social capital, but the site just started, and it’s not perfect.”

Said 21 year-old intern Trevor Owen is making a serious effort getting to know people through various social media, thus he enjoys more Hashcred than anyone else at the moment.

Though questions regarding confidentiality issues persist (not surprising for a site that tracks what you’re doing with who you know), Hashable seems to be moving in the right direction at the moment. As for whether Trevor Owens’ high-profile dominance of the leaderboard will continue, that’s pretty much a question mark.

Via: NY Observer