HackNY Marks One Year Anniversary

hacknyHackNY did more than it’s bit for the Big Apple tech scene last year when it became a bridge for students to find opportunities in the growing startup environment through a helpful fellowship program. Launched by two professors and a data scientist, HackNY addressed a problem before it even sent ripples across the local scene. Back then, the guys who started it anticipated the shortage of programmers that would drive startups to poach talent. Their backgrounds in the academe compelled them to bring students in touch with the startups who needed the manpower at a time of economic uncertainty, with encouraging results. A year since, HackNY is on course to being a portal for NYC programming talent to get a leg up via their fellowship program, which continues to accept applicants.

Founding member Professor Chris Wiggins explians hackNY’s origins and future:

“There was starting to be an increase in New York City startups and the startups felt like they didn’t have access to good coders. We didn’t want the startup scene in New York to choke before it could really flourish…If you know how to do computer science, you can always just go to Wall Street. After 20 years of people going to Wall Street… we wanted to give them an alternative narrative: ‘Another option is to go do soemthing awesome with your engineering skills!’ A year ago we felt like, we don’t know how long it’s going to be before Goldman and Morgan Stanley start hiring people crazily… but now is a moment when students are thinking in a much more diverse way about their possible career options in New York City. Now is a good time to build something lasting and sustainable so when the market starts hiring at full force again, we have a sustainable and robust program.”

Via: The New York Observer