HackNY Expands To Accommodate Flood Of Applicants

hackNY logoIt’s that time of year when incubators galore are training tech talent. HackNY is at the forefront and their avowed goal, as written previously here at NY Tech Blog is:

“More than just an incubator contributing to the local tech ecosystem, HackNY is a trailblazing program dedicated to solving the startup manpower shortage, itself a crucial issue that could  inhibit the creation of game-changing products in the future.”

The fabulous news is HackNY’s ranks have swelled. Originally available to a mere 24 applicants. HackNY’s latest batch is a massive 35 warm bodies.

The biggest value of HackNY is it acts as a bridge for young people to reach places where they can put their know how to good use. There’s a brilliant example of this in the source article below and it’s recommended reading for those who want a peak into the mind of Evan Korth, a humble co-founder.

HackNY ranks as among the most comprehensive, immersive, and generally impressive initiatives to sharpen a few brilliant minds. It’s also great at cultivating tech talent who’ll no doubt play major roles in the scene once they’ve ‘graduated.’

Hopefully HackNY can grow even larger in the future without compromising vision as a nurturer of great young minds.

Via: Betabeat