GraFighters: A Startup Oddity

GraFighterThere exists a particularly critical segment of the tech scene who lament the low standards that often drives investors these days. Playing right into their fears is GraFighters. Not to knock them down, but the idea of a fighting game involving hand drawn characters is plain ridiculous. It’s also worth quite a bit, going by the generous $200,000 boost by X.Million Capital recently.

GraFighters was conceived by two friends from Syracuse University iSchool. As the story goes, one day they each doodled cartoon monsters and boom! The idea hit them. That idea being crowd sourced players scan their character drawings, which are then rendered for a bloody fight with other characters (think Mortal Kombat meets DIY Pokemon). They tried going the Kickstarter route ala Turf but didn’t garner the expected momentum. The idea seemed dead in the water, failing to draw in the needed $20,000. But then the heavens parted near the end of 2010. From a recent interview:

“We received an email from a fund manager at X.Million Venture Capital on Christmas eve saying he saw our project on Kickstarter and watched our videos and would love to talk more. After a few months of talking and doing due diligence we finally arrived at a deal. X Million Invested $200,000 into graFighters allowing us to turn our barebones product into a full featured game!”

So now Eric Cleckner and Dave Chenell are moving to a coworking space (General Assembly) and getting to the nitty gritty of their mindlowing fight platform. Expect more news on these guys in the future.

Via: Betabeat