Google Veteran Jonathan Teo Is Now An NY VC

jonathan-teoA new VC is prowling the Big Apple for exciting startups. Jonathan Teo recently joined Boston firm General Catalyst after being acqhired from Benchmark Capital in Silicon Valley. The seasoned Google engineer and business ops team member has been part of the VC scene for some time now. But the change in scenery might bode well for the startup community at large. Described as a “rising star” by a General Catalyst director, Jonathan Teo is part of the Eastbound exodus of talent from Silicon Valley, where a steady stream of engineers/programmers have been decamping to strike it big in the New York tech gold rush.

As to what exactly Jonathan will do is a matter of speculation. Expect him to crop up in future news though, because 2011 is a white hot year for New York startups. Unlike 2010, the mood has infected almost everyone and sunk in, something big is brewing here and leading the charge are a tidal wave of social media apps. Undeniable proof of this are previous stories run here at NY Tech Blog such as this and this.

For a little more backgrounder on Jonathan, we pulled this from i-newswire:

“Prior to joining Google, he worked at Bain & Company, helping a Fortune 100 client optimize and grow its technical support organization. He also served as a consultant to Intuit, Electronic Arts and other technology companies, spent two years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force and was a founding member of a software development group focused on developing security protocols and analyzers. He currently holds patented work in the area of link layer security.

Jonathan’s investment areas cover enterprise software and infrastructure as well as mobile technologies. He is currently involved in investments in Twitter and Eucalyptus.”

Via: Business Insider