Google Secretly Investing In Zynga?

This has certainly been a quiet investment for Google, to say the least. Sources are saying that the investment was made by the big G itself and not their investing arm. Furthermore, it looks like that the company that made Farmville will be the base of Google’s future gaming venture.

Zynga is reported to have earned about $350 million in profit just in the first half of this year alone. That’s an impressive feat, since many other internet companies that are more popular have yet to see a single dollar of earnings.

Google tapping into Zynga and their massive user base indicates that the search company is getting serious in the social graph business and that Google wants more than drive-by users through its search engine. It would also make their payment solution, Google Checkout, get more relevance if they make it the main mode of payment for Google Games.

via TechCrunch