Girl Develop IT Gives Women Programmers an Edge

When it comes to the tech scene, women don’t fare as well as men do. Whether it’s because of social biases or genetic wiring is another issue, but Sarah Chipps believe that changing the statistics lies in one solution: create “rockstar women programmers.”

That’s why Sara Chipps co-founded Girl Develop IT, a 16-series programming class targeted to teach women all there is to know about programming, from JavaScript, HTML/Css, to Ruby on Rails, among other things. Chipps, a New York City-based freelance coder herself, recently made it to Mashable’s “15 Developer/Hacker Women to Follow on Twitter.”

With Girl Develop IT, Chipps hopes to “create a place where ladies would be comfortable learning concepts, and tools, and mainly ‘how to code’.” According to her observation, there seems to be a little discomfort, if not hostility, towards women in the tech industry, and the fact that women probably do talk more than act doesn’t help the situation. But these hurdles just might be the opportunities that Girl Develop IT needs to focus on women and have them learn in a way that suits them.

So far, since their first class in July, responses have been tremendous on Girl Develop IT. The 30-person classes are fully booked throughout September, and a Sydney chapter sponsored by Google has just been opened. Registration fee is $20 per class, with books and manuals provided. With such positive demand, Girl Develop IT is actually in need of more teachers, assistants, and books, especially in the NYC area. Hopefully, Chipps’ plan in expanding Girl Develop IT to different cities, countries, and languages will soon follow through.

via ReadWriteWeb