Gilt Groupe Reaches Out To The Gentleman Demographic

Gilt GroupeThrough a beta site called Park & Bond. Not sure who exactly those guys are, but ‘the new shopping destination for the well dressed man’ does wonders to diversify the Gilt Groupe empire. Gilt Groupe really deserves all the praise it’s been getting. While online fashion retail isn’t exactly at the cutting edge, Gilt Groupe has succeded on a spectacular scale at creating brand value. When it comes to a sophisticated fashion space that’s quickly spreading into other areas, Gilt Groupe and its offshoots are ace. As early as last year (yes, last year) Gilt Groupe ranked among the most valued ‘new’ companies in New York. Here’s the revealing text:

“The Gilt Groupe, a high-end online sales service, followed closely with a net value of $750 million. Of the 22 startups listed, these 2 startups were the only ones who successfully went over $500 million in their valuations.”

Earlier this summer news broke out that Gilt Groupe and GQ magazine were teaming up for a mutually beneficial endeavor. What came out of it is Park & Bond, whose website layout is as inviting as a glossy magazine muscled up with a photo gallery and interactive clothing/accessories store. As for the clothes for sale? GQ. Pure GQ. By the way, it’s called Park & Bond for a reason. Apparently, it’s approach to fashion is supposed to be a balance between Park Avenue and Bond Street. Clever, clever. Via: Betabeat