Gilt Groupe Just Gobbled Up Decorati

Gilt GroupeWhat happens when a platform for homeowners to access designers is acquired by a bastion of online luxury commerce? Gilt Groupe’s Susan Lyne thinks her company’s purchase of the interior design hub will be great for business. She and her counterpart at Decorati, CEO Shane Reilly, fielded interview questions to explain why it happened the way it did. Furthermore, Susan was all praises for Reilly when asked what motivated the acquisition:

“The number one reason was Shane. She’s a designer herself but she understands the Internet. She was able to explain to a lot of designers and trade brands that the Web was an opportunity, not a threat—and she did this during a transitional time when a lot of vendors and designers were wary. She’s also built trust with brands we want to be in business with and the design community, who’ll be key to our success.”

Of course, the union of two stylish brands must produce beautiful offspring, right? Decorati’s Shane Reilly thinks so and she’s looking forward to it herself:

“We’re still in the planning stages, but designers will have a channel tailored to their unique shopping needs, plus they’ll get access to a much broader audience. Consumers will be able to buy a wider assortment of products. What’s really exciting is I have been working with our members since the days when many didn’t even have web sites. Things have progressed a lot since then, and now Gilt is the next chapter.”

Read the whole interview here.

Via: Techcrunch