General Assembly Hybrid Education Gathers Steam

general_assemblyAmong the multitude of undercurrents that are shaping the tech scene, the education front bears the most promise. (Well, so does 3D printing but that’s another story.) A lot of startups, incubators and private initiatives have made impressive in roads transforming how people learn. Whether it’s the highly publicized drive for a tech university on city land or a crash course in programming (Code Academy rocks!), the opportunities to enjoy the fruits of the ecosystem are becoming juicier and juicier.

General Assembly, which is like the great mead hall for the tech scene, is now making its own contribution. It’s still a small effort but the promise to lure more entrepreneurs its way is there. Called Hybrid Education, the fledgling program has only a coupe of resources to its credit. The more than half hour long videos titled Introduction to Web APIs and Forming Your Startup come with downloadable content for further scrutiny.

The catch is it’s not free and the emerging model is going to undergo tweaking. At the moment, indulging these resources will cost a small donation but it’s a safe bet General Assemly are going to grow this Hybrid to something significant.

Via: Betabeat