From San Francisco, Branch Goes Back To NYC

Branch, makers of an all-new conversation platform, will be heading back to New York along with a new team member, Obvious Corporation’s Jason Goldman, after spending some time in San Francisco.

Branch aims to turn monologues into dialogues and improve the way netizens exchange ideas online.

The company, founded only six months ago in New York, moved to San Francisco last January, where they held office at the Obvious Corporation. Branch enumerated a number of reasons for moving back to the Big Apple saying that they missed the NYC atmosphere, its tech community and culture.

“In New York, everybody knows each other and it is common practice to rally together, whether for a New York Tech Meetup, HackNY fundraiser, or a lively SOPA protest,” said Branch Co-Founder Josh Miller, in his post in PandoDaily. “Given the volatility of a startup’s life, this camaraderie is a comforting and invaluable resource for any New York founder.”

Josh Miller left Princeton six months ago to start Roundtable, which later became Branch. Notably, the company received $2M from several investors, which included Lerer Ventures and Rick Webb, among others.

“San Francisco is just too nice. The nature is too accessible, the architecture is too Victorian, and the weather is too perfect. The quality of life here is unrivaled. But I feel like I haven’t earned that yet. One day, I’ll bike across the bridge and meet my family at Mill Valley Beerworks,” Miller said.

Via PandoDaily