Friend-Recommendation Site Tout’d Raises $1.4M In Seed Round

When you’re stuck with a “which is better” scenario, who do you ask?

There may be countless apps to choose from when you’re stumped on that, but New York based Tout’d thinks it has the upper hand. Instead of asking random strangers for advice, it uses feedback from people you trust: your friends.

Tout’d raised $1.4 million in a seed funding round led by Warner Hill Angels. Co-founders Arron Kallendberg, Rob Morelli and Saro Cutri plan to use the fresh funds to improve the platform, come up with a mobile app and hire at least one more developer.

The service works by letting users ask questions (not just about food) about stores, restaurants, trip destinations, gadgets, etc to their Facebook friends.

“The motivation for coming to our site is about helping friends,” says Morelli.  Questions can be posted on Facebook, if your friend happens  to click on it, he will be led to the Tout’d website to answer it.

The site also has a database of previously answered questions within your circle.

“If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in New York, we’ll show you all the Italian restaurants that were previously recommended by your friends who answered other friends,” Morelli says.

Cutri believes that their platform sets itself apart from all the similar apps by connecting to the users on a personal level and tapping to a network of familiar people whose opinions you value and trust. “That is something Yelp really can’t do for you,” he says.

Source: Xconomy