Free WiFi for NYC Parks? Probably Not

Just this Wednesday, September 15, New Yorkers received news that city parks will be fitted with WiFi access points for the public, free of charge. 32 parks will be included in the project, care of Time Warner and Cablevision. Yes, the internet’s free, however, there’s a big “But…”

The public can access the internet, BUT only up to 30 minutes a month. You can exceed your 30-minute time limit, but you have to pay 99 cents a day for that. Don’t know about you, but it kind of makes the news far less exciting, given that coffee shops and restaurants around the city are actually giving their customers free WiFi for as long as they want, and you won’t even get stains on your butt from sitting on the grass. And of course, that brings us to the discussion of mobile phones with internet access, making those WiFi accessed parks seem so useless after all.

Nevertheless, the city park WiFi can probably be useful for people who are in tight situations, especially if you are really desperate for internet access. But you have to be smart to make the most of your free 30-minute internet. Either you spend it all in one go, or divide it by 3 sessions – that makes 10 minutes of internet time, which doesn’t make for a lot of surfing, really. Overall, New Yorkers may be pleased to know that city parks have free internet for everyone, but they won’t be jumping for joy just yet, unless you get rid of that 30-minute cutoff, that is.

via: CrunchGear and Gawker