Fred Wilson Is Too Cool For School

Fred WilsonWhat’s been making the rounds this week is Fred Wilson’s talk at Baruch College, CUNY. The occasion was a CUNY initiative about the future of journalism. Wilson approached it from an entrepreneur angle and mentioned something about not necessarily needing to finish school to be a successful, well, entrepreneur.

While this part of his talk has gotten lots of attention, it’s quite a non-surprising fact. It’s also timely, given the employment ailment of the tech scene at the moment. From a strictly New York perspective, it would be better if a broader spectrum of talent really sunk their teeth on tech. Besides, there are more than enough examples of boot strapping dropouts who are forging ahead (Moot?).

But hold on, because Fred Wilson didn’t just trash higher learning; he just made a passing mention. The real meat of his meet with the students of an e-Business class was his championing technical skills. In short, Wilson wants to see people learn how to code. That’s solid gold wisdom, the best so far this week. So yeah, start learning to code.