Fred Wilson Calls For More Engineers, More Infrastructure

Talent and bandwidth are two things the Big Apple needs ASAP if it wants to revitalize its economy, so says VC sage Fred Wilson in a recent blog post. According to him New York’s twin pillars of tech—digital media/software and the biotech/energy field—are languishing from a shortage of personnel and infrastructure.

He points out that between the two, it’s the dynamic digital media side he’s most familiar since he works with it and in it everyday. But he does have a good idea what both his specialty and the other end of the spectrum (biotech, bioengineering, cutting edge research, and renewable energy) need at the moment: lots of talent and extensive bandwidth.

To resolve the manpower issue, he suggests harvesting the latest crop of engineering graduates from top universities like NYU, Fordham, CUNY, and Columbia. Incentives also figure in Fred Wilson’s ideas for attracting engineers from out of town like iron filings to a magnet. The best way to do this is show them the golden career opportunities New York offers, opportunities like New York is simply the best place for a software engineer/programmer right now.

Another area of concern is the bandwidth shortage across the city. In the same article he points out that the Brooklyn Navy Yard, described as an “excellent neighborhood” for startups, lacks a commercial grade internet service. Fred Wilson put it best when he wrote: “We need to wire up this city from Staten Island to the Bronx, from Harlem to Rockaway Beach. And we need to own this fiber plant and we need it to be the best in the world.”

Via: Business Insider