Foursquare Unleashes Special Super Bowl Check Ins

Superbowl Stadium Just “shout” your team and automatically get a badge plus a 20% discount code for buying merch at the official NFL online store. In a rare partnership between the NFL and the popular check-ins site, Foursquare is offering its fast-growing user base a chance to partake in Super Bowl Sunday without actually being in the Cowboys Stadium. Those who want to indulge the goodies should watch for the “Super Bowl Sunday” tag that will show up at the “trending now” section. After checking in, users must “shout” their favorite team to receive its badge and the discounts. Those who are actually watching in Cowboys Stadium get the same but extra special; upon check-in and shout their team’s badge is scored  along with its accompanying code for purchases at

This latest advertising/promotional coup by Foursquare marks its aggressive new stance as the fastest-growing startup in the Big Apple. The fact that it can partner with big league national brands like the NFL is a clear indicator of its ambitions; though still catering to a six-million strong user base, Foursquare’s ever more visible campaigns could easily quintuple that figure within this year, opening the door for additional Venture funding. No small thanks to lots of good press as well, a phenomenon that’s resulted in the aura of “hotness” Foursquare earned last year. Now don’t forget to “shout” your favorite teams this weekend.

Via: VentureBeat