Foursquare To Embark On New User Expanding Strategy

FoursquareOkay, so Foursquare are the poster boys (and girls) of the tech scene. Mayor Bloomberg even gave them an award during Internet Week. They’re also snagging a million users a month with no signs of slowing down. But the awful truth is they’re nowhere near as big as the ‘established’ giants Facebook and Twitter. Sure, Foursquare are hot—but they’re not invincibly huge.

To address the matter and increase momentum, Foursquare have made it known they’re targeting a different type of user: The non-user.

At a recent conference Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley revealed that in micro-logging behemoth twitter only a minuscule percentage of members are very active. They’re the proverbial leaders and behind every leader is a follower. Or followers. Tens of millions of followers.

Now what if Foursquare can harness the inactive masses? The vaunted non users? The key is giving them a fair share of the user experience. Do that, and the Foursquare numbers will become even healthier.

Of course, rather than let the opportunity remain a perpetual if, the Foursquarers are making it happen. Enter Foursquare Explore and Foursquare Tips. What both new features do is allow the followers to keep tab on their favorite subject; the trendy guy, the celebrity, the influencer.

As Naveen Salvadurai puts it, it’s all about increasing value for the users.

Via: Betabeat