Foursquare Keeps Growing And Growing And Growing

By the time you read this, Foursquare user numbers have expanded by a few thousand since the startup’s big announcement last Saturday: On October 16th the site processed its 4 millionth user, a dude from Indonesia apparently.

In a very exuberant blog post released on the same day, the author opened with a slight jab at Facebook by noting how Foursquare is keeping up with its much vaunted Places: While Facebook has grown on a massive-beyond-words scale, it’s telling that its newly launched Facebook Places is performing at the same level as Foursquare, which is growing by a million extra users every 1.5 months.

In the same blog post, the recent upsurge of enthusiasm was credited to golden nuggets of media exposure and cool publicity from all over like Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and the people in college campuses singing Foursquare’s praises.

On a very positive note, the blog’s author predicted that by year’s end Foursquare will nail five million plus. He then wrapped with a cliffhanger of a question. What was left unmentioned was whether the numbers will quadruple once 2011 is upon us. Alas, that remains to be seen. In his own words:

“User growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down for Foursquare, so look for them to hit five million users in late November or early December. What do you think is contributing to Foursquare’s rapid growth compared to the competition?”

Via: Foursquare Blog