Foursquare Founder Keeps It Humble

As Dennis Crowley puts it:

People pat me on the back all the time and tell me how great I’m doing. It’s true we’ve made something people like. But we’re on the 20 yard line with a long way to go. So the congratulations are a little premature.

Turns out him and Fred Wilson were guesting a recent NYU event via a live chat. Not only were they guesting via live chat, but Fred was shooting a few tricky questions Crowley’s way.

The transcript of the interview is quite revealing. Crowley opened up this time around and revealed the genesis and growth of Foursquare as an idea, one that matured as social networking became trendy, followed by the mobile explosion and its attendant GPS availability.

Crowley was also pretty up front about the realities of competition. According to him:

I remember when Facebook launched Places, we were all in the office together, and you could just feel the anxiety in the room. I had to get up and tell everyone, stop reading TechCrunch, lets get back to work and build something better than that.

Okay, so Facebook Places is dead, but Crowley gave the impression that he isn’t resting on his laurels. Good for him. It must be hard being the locations company that’s always on the spotlight. (Like right now.)

Via: Betabeat