Foursquare Finally Goes Android

FoursquareIt’s called Notifications. A news stream that alerts the Android-phone wielding user about action on their profile and generally “keeps you posted when things happen.”

The Notifications feature on Android marks quite an upset, since Foursquare have always rolled out new stuff on iPhones. But Apple loyalists and Blackberry faithful shouldn’t fret, as Notifications will be available on all smartphones eventually.

Despite its considerable share of publicity, Foursquare does have a few issues that more than one journo has pointed out. In an earlier post here at NY Tech Blog:

“Blame it on Adrianne Jeffries who made a very good point about how small Foursquare is compared to, say, Groupon. Thanks to a humble seven million users from New York and elsewhere (a lot of whom are elsewhere), the check ins pioneer doesn’t have the mass to really influence small businesses. How come?

According to Jeffries, the crucial issues involve attitudes toward check ins and small businesses not caring. The latter isn’t a bad thing, since what small businesses do is, well, their business. The real hurdle is generating enough excitement to turn Foursquare’s check ins model into a huge profit making vehicle.”

It seems to hardly have bothered Foursquare, who recently bagged an award and still enjoys its reputation as the darling of the tech scene.

In the meantime, the Android and web-only Notifications should be checked out ASAP.

Via Techcrunch