Foursquare Celebrates Its One Billionth Checkin

FoursquareEvery time Foursquare used to be featured here at NY Tech Blog, it always seemed run of the mill. As one of the few heavily publicized tech companies in the Big Apple (emphasis on ‘heavily publicized’), it’s not surprising that Foursquare news would circulate every other week.

But hold on a minute, because a historic milestone has just been reached. That’s right, Foursquare just hit one billion check-ins. That’s billion with a ‘B.’

Since the middle of this year, Foursquare has averaged three million check-ins a month from all over the world. Its other achievements this year include (based on previous stories):

1. In June, Foursquare was the recipient of an enormous $50 million funding round. Its valuation then? Half a billion dollars.

2. It won a Made in New York award. Mayor Bloomberg has endorsed Foursquare as well.

3. Foursquare outed its Android-centric Notifications feature.

4. It made a historic alliance with Groupon.

These highlights are the tip of the iceberg. Love it or hate it, Foursquare is the poster boy of the tech scene. The lion’s share of exposure it gets from the press is an achievement in itself. In short, it’s pretty sweet to be Foursquare right now.

Oh, and congratulations!

Via: Techcrunch