Foursquare Brings Latest Version 2.0

Foursquare has become nothing short of a phenomenon in the recent months. In the hopes to keep its momentum swinging, it just launched its upgraded version, namely Foursquare 2.0.

In Foursquare 2.0, several features were highlighted, such as Tips, and To-Do’s. It’s not really something new for the social network, but now the features have their own buttons displayed, making it easier to put in a tip, or mark a specific location as a place to visit in your To-Do’s. It’s like bookmarking places with a push of a button, and all in one app.

A new feature in the app was “Add to My Foursquare” which the social network had to pull out, unfortunately, because the feature was downing their servers. But if the feature undergoes some tweaking, it could be a way for users to read online articles and posts, and add it to their To-Do’s.

But one thing that Foursquare has to deal with is that the Tips and To-Do’s are a little overlapping. For one, a user can add a Tip with or without a location to his or her To-Do list. But at the end of the day, you haven’t really done anything in that specific location without a Tip, other than visiting it. Marking the venue with “I’ve done this,” doesn’t really count when you haven’t done anything in it.

Besides, you can also add statements like, “eat cheesecake at (insert restaurant’s name here)” both in the Tips and the To-Do lists, which makes for a little confusion.

As it always is, Version 2.0’s of most products are somewhat unstable and are still open to a lot of criticism, which a good social network like Foursquare isn’t exempted from. Hopefully, the next iteration will bring out better and more stable features, and the best the site can bring.