Founders Reveal Their Secret To Millions

The New York Tech Council brought together 4 successful entrepreneurs to reveal their secrets in building thriving companies. Here’s what they have to say:

1. Jennifer Walzer of BUMI (Back Up My Info)

Walzer started her business in her own apartment. “I took a small business loan from the bank and I did max it out.  I maxed out everything to get this company up and running and today we’re doing phenomenally well.”

Her first million she credits to focus: “I think it’s all about having a solid vision and staying extremely focused and not losing sight of your goal.”

2. Manish Chowdhary of

Chowdhary started this platform for internet retailers in his dorm room. And he also credits focus for his success.

“I think it goes back to the idea some entrepreneurs have that they are He-men and Wonder women and that they can do everything. They basically do not know how to say no.  I’ll quote from Warren Buffet, ‘The difference between successful and very successful people is that the very successful people say no to almost everything’.  So I think it’s time that we do not always commit.”

3. Maya Mikhailov of

Again, focus. “I think one of the keys to your first million is to have a focus to your company.  I think a lot of companies, especially at a small size, can get distracted.  Having a specific focus, really hiring great people and making sure you have room in your company for those people to grow, flourish and be tenacious.”

4. Thomas Epting of Uncommon Goods

Epting owes the success of his creative design company to a well thought business plan and innovation.

“Hire the right people and innovate like crazy. And listen to the market, because you’re not going to be able to predict in advance. We let our consumers take us some places. There are places where we are brand true and we want to go ourselves and we want to take them there.”

Source: NYConvergence