Founders Go Political, Buzz Builds Around Mysterious Viral Media Startup

Not sure if it’s going to be a tool for fomenting revolution in different countries, but the trio behind a yet-to-be-announced viral media startup sure have grand plans. At least this is what a leading UK paper suggests.

Apparently Facebook veteran Chris Hughes, Eli Pariser, and former the Onion Peter Koechley are in cahoots for…a viral something. So far the only handle on this case is the cryptic moniker Cloud Tiger Media.

The folks over at the Guradian seem to have an idea of what’s afoot. Their expose read:

…to form what they describe as a “viral media start-up”. The triumvirate are declining to give any details about their new baby, beyond snippets of information contained in job postings they have put out this week.

This might be bigger news as early as next month, so stay tuned on this front.

Via: The Guardian