Founder Swap Swaps Startup Execs to Generate New Ideas

Founder Swap will pool 6 New York different startups, trade partners for a day and swap new ideas. Sound familiar? It even has the tagline: “Like Wife Swap but for Founders. We want to get startups pregnant with new ideas.” Founder Swap will happen in June 1.

“Young teams who are working redline as hard as they can with just one or two other people, a little bit of fatigue can set in and you can get over-focused. Our goal is to disrupt that sequence and see what happens.” says Jonathan Basker, VP for Human Resources at Betaworks. He’s one part of Founder Swap’s three-man team.

Hopefully, founders will soak up insights and criticism from the swap. Technical founders can learn a thing or two from business-oriented entrepreneurs and vice-versa.

Basker hopes the Founder Swap will not lead to breakups. “That would be a horrifying result. The idea is not to reformulate your team but to inform yourself about how you’re working. We’re not trying to be home wreckers here.”

The event will focus on software companies (to make sure they have something in common). All participant startups must at least have a product idea and ideally consists of 2 to 3 people and will be pre-series A.

Founder Swap will decide the pairs. They will meet on Thursday and swap Friday. There are no camera crews (yet, but this feels like a future Bravo show).

“I would be ecstatic, if at the end of this, each team gets back together and says, ‘Wow, this was really cool,’ and feels energized by the event, if each one of these companies walks away with a new perspective or just one kernel of useful information they didn’t have before.” says Basker.

Source: Readwriteweb