Fortune Highlights The 6 Best In NYC Silicon Beach

After months of wrangling, there’s a growing consensus among Big Apple natives that the stretch of real estate along Brooklyn that’s home to 60 odd tech companies be dubbed “Silicon Beach.” Silicon beach recently came into focus for the vibrancy of its occupants, all of whom are capitalizing on the established success of social media.

But aside from crowd favorite’s Foursquare and Hashable, Fortune went the extra mile to find out who else has been doing great business for the past several years (or longer). Below is a cursory guide to the six most impressive companies in Silicon Beach. To avoid accusations of favoritism, the content below is alphabetically arranged.

1.    Big Spaceship – This web design firm has been in the neighborhood for a decade now. Their specialty is web design that’s at the cutting edge while everyone is still churning out the same dross.

2.     Etsy – Unique since it opened in 2005. Etsy crowdsources arts and crafts that are sold to its users via auction. They annually rake in up to $50 million. Early stage investors include Fred Wilson and Katerina Fake.

3.     Carrot Creative – Online marketing is the name of their game and the game has been very good, which explains why they’re moving to a 5,500 square foot office.

4.     Huge – A compelling choice of name for a web design firm that launched in 1999. They’ve been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

5.     In8Mobile – Another trailblazing company whose core product is a database of, well, products. If the user wants to know something about something being sold, In8mobile is the answer.

6.     Brooklyn Digital Foundry -  Specialize in advertising solutions in this exciting age of social media.

Via: CNN Money