Forget The 4Chan Feud, Tumblr Is Growing Super-Fast!

Tumblr logoAn earlier post involving Tumblr (the home of 19 million or so blogs and counting) shone a spotlight on its long-running feud with hacker cove 4Chan. In fact, that post went:

“Some sort of undeclared war flared up last week involving well known haunts of various internet lurkers. Meme giant 4Chan and Tumblr both went down and fingers were a-pointin’ that parties form both sides exchanged DDOS attacks. This isn’t the first reported case of retaliatory strikes though, as the hacker haven and hipster hideout have sparred before.”

Despite the friction and general mumblings, Tumblr’s growth has been running at break neck speed—by 500% in the space of a year thanks to its multi-feature micro blogging platform.

To date, Tumblr’s vast network of micro-blogs rake in a a huge 250 million page views a day. That’s no joke. Founded in 2007 by David Karp, Tumblr’s history of infrastructure issues and shutdowns hardly deterred masses of bloggers from populating it with all sorts of content.

Of course, such astronomical figures won’t go down well with the WordPress guys, who’ve been aced in this round.

Via:  Social Times