First Boxee Box On Video, More Shipping Soon

Put it on a horizontal surface and it looks like its sinking into the material. Such is the visual appeal of the Boxee Box, a newfangled device jointly produced by NYC-based web video company Boxee and modem-maker D-Link that synthesizes your online preferences with television viewing.

According to the rather impromptu video demo by the startup’s Chief Product Officer Zach Klein, the Boxee is a sleek seven-sided wonder whose neon green padding at the bottom is attractive to the eyes. Actually he spent the better part of the four minute vid gushing about its design, mostly the sleek black exterior and the hidden Boxee logo, even making an odd comparison to a box of Wheat Thins.

As for actual performance, you only need to turn it on and plug it to your LCD TV much like how you setup a WiFi router. The remote is also interesting with basic arrow controls on one side and a full keyboard on the flip.

Hitting stores around “late October and November,” the Boxee Box’s specs include being fully compatible with Linux, Mac, or Windows computers plus NVIDIA Tegra hardware that can handle both 1080p video and Flash 10.1 video.

source Business Insider