FiftyOne Boosts Foreign Ops Of Online Retailers

FiftyOne logoThere are some companies that are born for word of mouth popularity and significant exposure. Then there are some companies that quietly perform an essential service. FiftyOne belong to the latter.

FiftyOne’s specialty is online retail. Not so much the retail itself but getting the product to the customer without the hassle of uncontrollable factors such as logistics and currency differences. A stated on their website:

“As the business matured however, it became clear that impediments to cross border commerce went way beyond currency – to include payment, logistical, and cultural dimensions. In response, the company set about developing a complete, turnkey solution that allowed retailers selling online to quickly and easily sell internationally. FiftyOne today is recognized as the most comprehensive global e-commerce offering available in the marketplace.”

While FiftyOne are a quiet operation to a fault, this hasn’t kept positive reviews from circulating. Their greatest strength is specifically what they targeted as a core service: smoothing online transactions in foreign countries. To date, their growing client list includes Bloomingdale’s,, and several other prominent NY brands.

The incredible good news is FiftyOne are growing at an astonishing pace, with projected sales for 2011 going as high as 250%. Whew!

Via: Techcrunch