Fast Society Takes (Harmless) Potshot At GroupMe During NY Tech Meetup

In retrospect, it was inevitable. GroupMe being a hot startup that allows users to simultaneously conference call groups of friends and Fast Society offering the same even if it crashed the party much later. So when both were given back-to-back slots to demo their product during the recent New York Tech Meetup, the sheer proximity meant that a small amount of sniping became the order of the day.

Though competition between startups in the NY tech scene is comparatively tame and neither GroupMe nor Fast Society became embroiled in a well-publicized fisticuff, there was an obvious effort by one party to disassociate themselves from the other. Case in point: When Fast Society—who came after GroupMe—co-founder Matt Rosenberg began praising Fast Society’s sleek interface and leveled righteous disdain on the fact that GroupMe’s core product was created during a hackathon. Matt’s battlecry was, “We spent time on this.”

On the other hand, GroupMe went down the gentlemanly route and made sure to make no mention of the other guys, opting instead to announce that MC Hammer—yes, MC Hammer—will be dropping in on selected groups for a promo blitz of conference calls. While there’s no evidence to back this claim up, it wouldn’t be a stretch imagining that GroupMe and MC Hammer were quite the complimentary pair; the former feeling every bit like the latter’s timeless anthem “Can’t Touch This” during the event.

Via: Business Insider