Fancy Hands Raises $1M, Launches TeamWork for Companies

NY based personal assistant finder, Fancy Hands raised $1 million in venture banking from Betaworks, SV Angel, David Tisch and Lerer Ventures.

With the said funding, the company launched Fancy Hands TeamWork for companies. TeamWork now allows multiple accounts to exist under one account manager. The service is
sold by monthly subscription. Bosses are able to get monthly reports on how much time the employees are saving through the service. says founder Ted Roden

Fancy Hands competes with companies of equally ridiculous names. GetFriday and AskSunday offer lower rates and are based in India. Roden says his service is more expensive but its domestic assistants face no cultural barriers while performing tasks because they are based in the US.

Fancy Hands also has a seamless software that syncs it into calendars and Basecamp. The system also helps with the task that don;t need human assistants. However, for bigger tasks like transciption, Fancy Hands admits to partner with lower cost providers from other countries too.

Typical tasks include scheduling meeting, online payments, light research and setting up online accounts among others. A starter package costs $25 per month for 5 tasks. Assistants get paid betwene $2 to $8 per task. The assistants are people between jobs and is a great source of remedial income. They don’t do errands though. Thay can only arrange pick up and drop off for services like dry cleaning.

“People are upgrading their plans and that’s a good sign.” says Roden as sign ups are growing at 20% a month. The launch of TeamWork coincides with an overall relaunch. Former Busted Tees Designer David Trawin was hired to revamp the site.

Source: Pandodaily