Facebook Opens New York Office

Facebook New York may be new in town, but Engineering Boss Serkan Piantino bets that it’s the best place to be a Facebook employee—even calling the Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley a bit of a Snoozeville.

Piantino brags that people tend to stay in New York because has everything, compared to Silicon Valley which only has its tech industry.

But it’s not the booming fashion industry that lured Facebook in the city. ”This city in general has a lot of professional systems software engineers,” Piantino says, citing all the banks and other longstanding, bottom-line-obsessed institutions headquartered in the city. ”They’re in New York, they want to stay in New York.”

The New York office has just opened its Engineering wing last January and has started to fill its homey and cozy office with talent. Though the number of job openings are not specified, the office has been reported to expand from its 40,000 sq. ft Madison Ave current location to a 100,000 sq ft. office in The New York Times building.

The hiring will focus on  infrastructure engineers. These back-end server dudes will get the “rock star” treatment in New York, ensures Piantino. He himself is a rockstar of sorts being responsible for Facebook’s News Feed and Timeline formats.

These programmers will love how quickly can ship their code to millions of people. Facebook pushes out a new code everyday and invents new products and feature products in 24 hour hackathons.

The new recruits will even deploy their code on their first day! “I’m hoping that this office will build some revolutionary piece of infrastructure,” he says.

Source: Wired