Fab Gets a Revamp with Fab 3.0

Fab is upgrading its platform today with Fab 3.0. The site now focuses on improved social shopping. The update has over 100 enhancements including a cleaner look, live feeds and social network links with Facebook and Pinterest.

With the Facebook integration, users can now filter the feed to see what friends are buying,  favoriting and sharing. This step brought 15% to 30% of the site’s traffic. This is way ahead of the contributions of Twitter (2%) and Pinterest (2%) and the recently dropped Google+ (non-existent)

Users will experience the freshness when they log in to Fab 3.0. They will land immediately in the “Featured Today,” page where popular sales and categories are posted. The top navigation is cleaner where the “Stores” and “Sales” tab have been replaced by a “Search” button. A live ticker is also added to display trending items.

The Live Feed section browses by category, color and price and eases the shopping experience because you can buy the item directly from the feed.

“How do you help people dig into a site, discover and browse?” Goldberg says of how Fab, now 4 million members strong, has approached these new changes. “It’s like the anti-Amazon. Amazon is the best place in the world if you know exactly what you’re looking for, but you don’t browse Amazon. Fab is like going shopping with your friends, or maybe you don’t know what you’re looking for, but you want the fun of discovering stuff,” he says.

The update should be live now on Fab.com.

Source: Techcrunch