F.ounders Moves Annual Event To New York

F.ounders has been making history by bringing together global startups from different parts of the globe (Silicon Valley, New York, Asia, Europe, and South America). It has been held in Dublin every October alongside the Dublin Web Summit. Now, it is moving to the home of numerous budding startups, New York City. The event is to be held in the city in June 14 and 15 in the NASDAQ’s Market Site in Times Square.

The event will be attended by around 150 of the world’s fastest rising tech startup CEOs. F.ounders founder Paddy Cosgrove says he is moving the company to New York to bring together “high growth companies on track to IPO or otherwise in the next 24 months.”

The event will be graced by tech starts including Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), David Karp (Tumblr), David Goldberg (Survey Monkey), Alexander Ljung (SoundCloud), Roger McNamee (Elevation Partners) Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures) and Steve Case (AOL, Revolution).

F.ounders may not be well-known because it barely has a website (the site is only posts past attendees and review and no publications about new events). But F.ounders has been described as “Davos for Geeks” by Bloomberg. The reviews were also outstanding and was even called “badass” by TechCrunch. Being such “badasses” and friends with several tech stars, it wouldn’t hurt to have a more informative site. The event details are almost exclusive with readers not given options to attend. You can try emailing attendees [@]f.ounders.com. But no guarantees.

Source: Techcrunch