Everyone Rejoice! The Startup Renaissance Is In Full Swing

NY SceneThanks to several factors, among them the availability of VC cash and the awareness of there being an energetic trend in full swing, everyone is going gaga over the tech scene.

This mood is accurately captured in Courtney Boyd Myer’s new article for The Next Web. In it, the factors and unique characteristics of the Alley are discussed in full detail together with respectful salutes to the game changers, like all the women who are blazing trails in growing companies. (Gilt Groupe, for example.)

A precious gem of insight:

“Dan Leahy, the Co-Founder of Village Vines points out that while disenchantment with banks led to some questions about the attractiveness of a Wall St. career, the real driver has been the fact that getting a company off the ground now requires significantly less capital and technical resources than it did 10 years ago, making launching a new idea as a ‘business’ type far more practical and attractive.”

The whole piece is worth at least five minutes reading. Anyone interested in a comprehensive analysis of what’s been going on for the last 24 months are highly recommended Courtney Boyd Myers’ article.

Via: The Next Web