Ever Heard Or Read About Subjot?

Subjot Chris CarellaIt was founded by a husband-wife partnership. While others might claim starting a business with your spouse is a bad idea, Chris Carella isn’t the type who listens to such crazy talk. Recently featured in We Are NY Tech, Chris discussed Subjot and his origin story, which is pretty riveting.

Riveting in the sense that he encountered a ‘publishing phenomenon’ and used his entrepreneurial skills to address it.

But that’s not all. Noting that while on Twitter, diverting from your audience by mention of an uninteresting topic reduces followers, Chris and his wife set out to create the opposite: a place where a multiplicity of interests attracts the like-minded. Hence, Subjot.

Subjot, being an awful mash up of the words ‘subject’ plus ‘jot,’ is a platform for users to discuss their interests or in the words of its about page “a place for sharing, following, and discussing your many interests.” With Chris, for example, it’s all about is passion for street art and sports. Subjot is still in private beta, however.

Via: We Are NY Tech