Even At Closed Invitation Only Beta, Canvas Is Pretty Weird

Christopher-Poole-150x150Canvas is a weird place. It works by allowing users to doodle around with an uploaded image. It’s equal parts colossal waste of time and all-consuming passion. This seems to be the talent of Christopher Poole, whose cult discussion board 4Chan started as an anime haven that became the spawning ground of lolcats and rickrolls. Not to mention formidable hackers who’ve pulled off some impressive stunts. Perhaps that’s his genius; Poole can harness people’s capacity for irreverence.

If that’s the case, then the world doesn’t know what’s going to hit it once Canvas goes public. Apparently, the guys at Lerer Ventures had enough faith in Poole, whom they welcomed aboard as an adviser last year, to let him do his own thing. Canvas won’t leave its invitation only beta cocoon (accesed via faebook Connect) until some future date. In the meantime, a few potential memes that are 100% silly as usual can be leaked into cyberspace…and Google images. What’s extra cool about Canvas is Poole can always rely on the 4Chan faithful to flood it with content. Then again, the rest of the world could do the same job just as easily, with catastrophic results.

Via: Betabeat