Etsy Founder Rob Kalin Vacates CEO Post (Again)

Etsy founderThe guy who makes his own underwear has demoted himself once more. Why? Not clear, but CT Chad Dickerson is taking his place.

It must be understood that for a founder, Rob Kalin is more of a visionary than a nuts and bolts engineer. On an earlier Etsy story, here’s what was written:

“Just five years ago, a very broke Rob Kalin and two friends launched the DIY online retailer from scratch. Five years since, Rob Kalin has fallen out with his co-founders and left the day-to-day running of Etsy to his former COO so he can focuses on giving small businesses a leg up.”

There have also been issues in the past about Kalin’s leadership style and Etsy’s business model, which rigorously made sure none of the handicrafts sellers ever grew to a size beyond, well, DIY handicraft selling.

But none of these dated controversies matter as much since Etsy is earning somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million a year.

Though a statement from Kalin himself is unavailable, news of his second stepping down from office broke on Thursday. Not much of a recent development since then. Stay tuned for updates on this front.

Via: Betabeat