Entrepreneur In Residence Unleashes Op-Ed Piece

RosenbaumA couple of weeks back Steve Rosenbaum had the benefit of an introduction here at NY Tech Blog. The entrepreneur became the city’s first, well, entrepreneur in residence (EIR) to further boost the local government’s bond with the hyper-active tech scene.

More than just another ‘face’ that endears the Bloomberg administration with the scene ala Rachel Sterne, Steve Rosenbaum came out last week with a stirring declaration to rally the faithful. Okay, that comes off as a little too vainglorious, but check out the source link below for the whole reveal.

The editorial piece that reads like a rousing keynote is part rallying cry and confidence booster. It incites homegrown pride and also promotes the NY tech scene as a separate and dynamic entity from Silicon valley. A particularly riveting part goes:

Simply said, the nature of entrepreneurs fits nicely into what most of us encounter on the subway every morning. Strong-willed, driven, elbow-throwing strivers who aren’t afraid to jockey for a seat.

We breed entrepreneurs here in NYC.

Fine, so a lot of hyperbole is thrown in. At least Rosenbaum is coming on real strong, a bang instead of a whimper. Hopefully he’ll be read about/heard from again real soon. Seems like a nice guy to chat with when he drops by General Assembly.

Via: Thirteen.org