eBay Buys Hunch For A Pile Of Money

Hunch-logoThe pile amounts to a whopping $80 million and culminates a long circulating rumor. This isn’t the first time Hunch grabbed lots of attention either. A quick perusal of NY Tech Blog archives shines a light on their previous milestones, including the controversial exit of Caterina Fake a year ago. Back then, the drama unfolded this way:

[Fake's exit] has inspired a haters field day, with many of Hunch’s strongest detractors claiming Hunch is a sinking ship. Others speculate her relationship with Chris Dixon has unraveled. But according to Caterina herself in the same October 29 piece, Hunch is set to achieve big things next year, hence her continued (if limited) participation.

Ancient history aside, the deal was sealed on Monday and the emerging details reveal an eBay revitalized with fresh blood. For starters, Chris Dixon is taking over eBay’s recommendation team and is tasked with growing it from his New York office.

Also, eBay is going to hite somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred warm bodies to boost its ops.

An abbreviated report from the Uncrunched blog illuminates what’s to come. In it, the eBay recommendations New York

…office will eventually grow to some 200 employees, I’m told, who’ll focus on recommendations. But the team will also analyze lots of eBay data, and perhaps productize some of it or otherwise release it. As an example, eBay purchase and sale data may help predict inflation or a looming recession better and sooner than any data the government can get their hands on.

Expect more details to arrive soon. Stay tuned.

Via: Uncrunched