eAmore NYC Innovation Summits Kicks Off Today

eAmoreNo worries, it’s still several hours from the big event. If you’re mystified by the name, don’t be. It’s all about amore—love. Online dating, to be specific, or innovation within the boundaries of online dating.

The eAmore Summit should be of interest to anyone who’s ever a.)  been active in the online dating scene and b.) want to know how the medium is adapting to the feverish pace of social driven tech. It’s also a fine opportunity to meet like minded folks and generally mingle over food, drinks, and (oh well) tech.

The eAmore Summit is also an entrepreneurial event that’s familiar territory for most techs scene troopers. The usual cycle of entrepreneurial themed talks by guest speakers, plus networking and pitch demos are present in the evening’s schedule. A few of the illustrious names who’ll be participating include Aaron Schildkrout (HowABoutWe), Dan Osit (Ignighter), Alex Harrington (MeetMoi), Geoff Cook (myYearbook.com), David Evans (Digit Craft), Adam Ludwin (RRE Ventures), Clifford Lerner (Snap Interactive), and Chris Mirabile (Hotlist).

For anyone with a passionate attachment to the online dating landscape, this eAmore gathering should be on the radar.

As a final incentive, there’s a pizza afterparty. No news on the after-afterparty though.

Via: Meetup