DreamIt Ventures Reveals Its Entrepreneur Advisory Board

DreamIt-logoA month after it opened shop in the Big Apple, accelerator DreamIt Ventures is going to launch its first entrepreneur program that will mentor and harness local tech talent. Those tasked with mentoring duties form the advisory board whose membership comprises a colorful list of scene veterans who’ve cut their teeth in different startups. The caliber and local affiliations of the mentors is supposed to provide on-the-ground insight for those taking part in the four month accelerator course. They are:

  • Nikhil Sethi, CEO/Founder, Adaptly
  • Katia Beauchamp, Co-CEO/Founder, BirchBox
  • Rachael Chong, CEO/Founder, CatchAFire
  • Ted Sullivan, CEO/Founder, GameChanger Media
  • Aniq Rahman, CEO, Instinctiv
  • Dan Kurani, CEO/Founder, Opinionaided
  • Greg Alvo, CEO/Founder, OrderGroove
  • Sachin Kamdar, CEO/Founder, Parse.ly
  • David Lifson, CEO/Founder, Postling
  • Seth Priebatsch, Chief Ninja/Founder, SCVNGR
  • Jack Groetzinger, Co-CEO/Founder, SeatGeek
  • Russ D’Souza, Co-CEO/Founder, SeatGeek
  • Bartek Ringwelski, CEO/Founder, SkillSlate
  • Jordy Leiser, CEO/Founder, STELLA Service
  • John Ernsberger, Co-Founder, STELLA Service
  • Jonathan Mendez, CEO/Founder, Yieldbot

DreamIt managing partner Kerry Rupp had this to say on the upcoming classes:

“We realized there’s a lot of value of bringing in peers who are just a couple steps ahead of the game. I think (class members) can relate to them and the perspective is different than if you’re far along in your career.  And it might be easier to ask questions to someone who is your peer.”

The class program will run from May to August and involve up to 15 different startups. Each of them are eligible for a $25,000 boost.

Via: Gigaom