Drchrono Rolling In Yuri Milner Money

Drchrono founderThe Russian billionaire is sure making serious headway in the tech scene. The latest recipients of his generosity are Drchrono, a startup who’ve been getting a fair amount of coverage here at NY Tech Blog.

A month after a hefty $600,000 plus funding round (happened back in July), Yuri Milner has injected the company with an additional $675,000. That’s one huge vote of confidence from a guy whose VC cash has gone to many interesting places, i.e. Twitter and Groupon. (Pictured left is Drchrono cofounder Michael Nusinow. He was smiling then, he sure has reason to be smiling again after the Milner miracle.)

While Drchrono belongs to a subgenre of medical-related startups, what it does really well and really different is the paperless practice. What? Imagine all the usual paperwork attached to a doctor’s office gone for good. What Drchrono provides is an easy UI that aggregates and files the mass of attendant physician-patient notes onto a single platform—an iPad—and allow medical professionals to work from there. Doctors an even keep billing tabs on Drchrono.

Given their recent string of headline grabbing success, Drchrono have so far proven a hit and now have the momentum to really shape an entire industry.

Via: Betabeat