Drchrono Receives $750,000 In Seed Funding Round

Drchrono founderBy the time Drchrono has grown beyond its startup cocoon, doctors everywhere might be working differently. Drchrono is an iPad app that voids all the usual paperwork of the medical profession and lets doctors work on their medical records thru the iPad. By work is meant everything from prescriptions to notes to patient history. Everything. The really good news is Drchrono is free. (Pictured left is cofounder Michael Nusinow)

So far, Drchrono already enjoys a 5,000 strong user base composed solely of doctors. But the startup that was founded on February this year thinks it can really push innovation throughout the country. There’s a serious effort on the part of the government and physicians themselves to finally not use paper in their everyday work.

The $750,000 funding round was led Charles River Ventures, General Catalyst, 500 Startups, and a few ex-Google employees.

Aside from creating a unified workspace for doctors via the iPad, Drchrono allows users to keep tab of medical billing (the app is integrated with a LOT of insurance companies) and has voice to text features.

Drchrono’s growing success (still growing) is a poignant lesson on what it means to innovate in this tablet age. The people who really change whole industries are usually never involved with the profession itself. According to Drchrono’s HQ, its founders share their origin story:

” The company was founded by Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow in January 2009. Drchrono is a silicon valley based company. Our office is in California in the heart of Mountain View. It’s the perfect environment for our team. Google, Facebook and Apple are only a few minutes from our office. The energy and excitement is infectious, Mountain View is the tech center of the world.”

Via: Techcrunch