Disney Increases Mobile Gaming Presence With Tapulous Purchase

Tapulous is now part of Disney, thanks to a buy out by the media conglomerate last July 1. Terms have not been disclosed but it looks like the iPhone app maker will be staying at Palo Alto and its founder Bart Decrem (pictured at right) will go on to head of mobile arm of Disney Interactive’s gaming group. He’s looking to hire and expand operations in California, “to build a big footprint here in the Valley.”

The startup’s flagship game Tap Tap Revenge brought the wildly popular gameplay of Rock Band and Guitar Hero to the iPhone. They have constantly been delivering hits to Apple’s App Store with variations to their game like Lady Gaga Revenge and Nine Inch Nails Revenge. It’s expected that this purchase will put Disney right into the heart of the iOS gaming platform and give them an edge in creating music-related games and mobile social entertainment.