Demo Day Startups, One Year After

Last year, the Roundtable Accelerator’s Demo Day launched several ingenious apps. Now, they’re back and  let’s see how they turned out.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple lets you quickly and easily share all the wedding happiness with all your guests. The Appy platform populates a mobile app in real-time, and includes features like picture uploads, virtual champagne, countdown, and geolocation.

Many happy couples are picking up. As of April 20, they had 3,000–and there are 6,000 couples on their waiting list. The basic app costs $50 while the designer versions are $200.

The startup is raising $1.5 million, and they’ve already got $500,000 committed.


Dibsie lets you claim dibs on online products by integrating social networking with powerful search capability. Dibsie changes to shopping process by allowing users to search thousands of retailers and brands, then bookmark favorites for sharing through a mutually curated catalog.

Dibsie is seeking $500,000.

Stray Boots

Stray Boots turns walking into an adventure through its cell phone-guided, interactive urban games in cities throughout the U.S.

The company has 40,000 customers paying $6 to $12 per game, that’s more than $200,000 over the last 12 months. The app is currently in private beta, with a projected App Store debut later this spring.

Stray Boots is raising $1.2 million, with $250,000 already committed.


Stylyt launches fashion design campaigns that can be customized in a collection, voted on and a winning design entry will be manufactured and sold.

The company is seeking $800,000.


Pictorious is not another photo app and creates social games through photos. They get money through this by getting sponsors directly involved. If Oreo can get 500 users to submit pictures of themselves eating Oreos, and some winner will get a prize. The only problem? Instagram.

Pictorious is raising $500,000.

Source: Betabeat