David Zucker Is The Marketing Iron Man At Gilt Groupe

Gilt GroupeIn case you didn’t know, David Zucker is the CMO of Gilt Groupe. The marketing exec has his hands full nurturing the posh online retailer’s three million plus userbase, who are on track to earn Gilt Groupe some $400 million in revenues this year. This staggering amount is reached (and perhaps eventually surpassed) thanks to Gilt Groupe’s marketing model, which hardly uses marketing at all. At least in the traditional, mega-retailer sense.

Zucker, who has a PhD in economics (so should it be Dr. Zucker?) and still finds the time to train for Iron Man triathlons, is profiled by Time Peterson for Direct Marketing News. It’s quite a read and gives the whole skinny on Gilt Groupe in brief, a perfect intro to an amazing company. There’s no doubt, Gilt Groupe is at the cutting edge of online exclusive retail that still manages to earn lots even with a sizable but discreet client pool who just love browsing through Gilt Groupe bargains.

According to the profile, Gilt Groupe is on the warpath, expanding its brand without surrendering its word-of-mouth/referrals business model. Gilt Groupe already caters to multiple demogrpahics involving men’s fashion, travel, and interiors. Expect it to grow bigger before 2011 is out. In the meantime, CMO David Zucker balances his life on a tightrope—he’s got a family in Texas but works like a madman in New York.

Via: Direct Marketing News