Dashlane Closes $5 Million Series A Round

Dashlane Ladies and gentlemen, here is a startup worth keeping tabs on. They’re called Dashlane and at the moment the growing operation has what it takes to become a certified game changer; and this isn’t groundless hype, mind you.

But first, the details. A pool of investors that includes FirstMark Capital, Rho Ventures, and Bernard Liautaud have combined their powers for a hefty Series A.

What merited the generous funding is Dashlane‘s promise. It was mentioned a few sentences above that they’re a game changer. See, what Dashlane seeks to improve is how confidential info is preserved. In short, those multiple passwords for multiple accounts, mostly for mobile devices, is cared for and protected by Dashlane. Simple, right?

This is a very loose explanation of Dashlane though. Essentially, Dashlane want to make online transactions and interaction better in this age of mobile devices.

That’s not all, however. Dashlane is so confident of its scalability, they’re coming out of private beta in weeks. Not sure exactly when, but it’s happening soon. Know what Dashlane call themselves? Launchers of the ‘frictionless internet.’ Pretty cool.

Source: TechCrunch